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Concorde - Riding airbag

Concorde - Riding airbag

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Airbag riding jacket Dada Sport.

Compatible with all Dada Sport competition jackets and sleeveless jackets, the Alligator softshell and the Tempo rain coat.

Dada Sport cares about your safety, as much as your style.

Concorde is the very first Dada Sport airbag!

The design and shape have been designed to suit all body types. Concorde protects all vital organs as well as the ribs and back from the neck to the coccyx.

The Concorde airbag can be worn alone or under all compatible jackets from the Dada Sport airbag range

Product info

Sleeveless airbag lining in black mesh fabric to protect the spine and vital organs.

The airbag closes with a central zipper or can be attached using a zipper on the jackets from the Dada sport range with the cartridge on the outside.

The airbag cushions shocks and stiffens the trunk and the base of the neck in order to limit hyperflexion of the spine.

The Concorde Airbag is based on Helite Zip'in technology.

DADA logo on the left part of the airbag.

Dada Sport discreet at the bottom left of the vest at hip level

When receiving this item, it is important to read the user guide.

Concorde comes with a cartridge and stirrup strap.

Size advice : refer to the size guide.

The Dada Sport Concorde Airbag vest is sold independently of the jacket.
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