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  • « I absolutely love wearing Dada. As riders, we have a tall order because we need our clothes to be functional and we want them to be chic. And Dada has done just that. »

    Zosia Mamet, United States.

  • « Although it was pouring rain I stayed so warm and cozy. The riding pants are so comfortable and also perform so well. I am such a huge fan of Dada for the quality and style of every item of clothing. »

    Megan, United States.

  • « I just got my riding pants from Dada today and showed in them! I am in love!!! They are the best pants I have ever worn for riding! Super easy to clean too! I’m getting my whole barn to place and order as well! »

    Emily, United States.

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Carefully designed with a couture spirit, our competition shirts have been embraced and approved by top riders. Made in Europe with eco-friendly and breathable fabric, they ensure optimal comfort and maximum performance.

It's time to enter the ring, feeling great in your clothes, with full confidence to go for a flawless ride and maybe even the win!


« In the exciting world of equestrianism, an emerging label stands outpushing the boundaries of equestrian fashion. » Vogue.

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