Dada Sport, the exclusive equestrian apparel brand, is developing its international Partner Selective Network, closer to its customers. The network is made up of real horse riding enthusiasts who wish to offer their customers the best in terms of technicality, comfort and elegance in their shops and saddleries.

If you own or operate a shop or saddlery and wish to offer Dada Sport riding apparel to your customers, please click here to fill the registration form.



You fill in the registration form with all possible required details.

The more information there is, the more it helps us to understand the opportunities for collaboration.

It takes 15 minutes


We will study your request to join the selective Dada Sport wholesale network and contact you for further information. You will then be informed of the decision taken concerning your integration into the network.

It will take 3 to 5 days


We will send you the professional general terms and conditions of sale for your signature and will communicate to you immediately afterwards your access codes to your dedicated web site.

You will then be able to order directly the Dada Sport outfits.