Made in Portugal from premium Italian fabric, Dada Sport riding pants guarantee excellence, high performance and durability. They remain true to their reputation: resistant pants that shape and elongate the silhouette.


Made from premium Italian fabric, our riding pants combine excellence and high performance, guaranteeing exceptional durability. Produced in Portugal in one of the world's best factories for technical textiles, we focus on quality while also being conscious of the environment. Each pant combines technical features and versatility: soft, shapely, warm or very light depending on the season, with or without grip, every detail is carefully thought out to meet your needs and preferences.


Dada Sport riding pants are designed by women for women. They offer a shapely, flattering silhouette to suit every body type. Dada Sport pants come in a variety of styles and colors. Each cut is unique, with high-performance fabrics, subtle details and an immediate push-up effect that ensures a lovely curve in the buttocks, to create a flattering silhouette and feel good about your body, so you only have to concentrate on the essentials.


The high-quality Italian fabric ensures maximum comfort and maximum softness on the skin. It has been designed with a minimum of seams to avoid unpleasant rubbing with the saddle and stirrup leathers. The fork has been designed for optimum comfort.


In addition to its know-how, Dada Sport is also committed to innovation, always on alert for new ideas to revisit its great classics. The new Gerry riding pants embody our commitment to revisiting our classics by incorporating new details from our pants range, testifying to our expertise and our constant quest for excellence.

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